We are committed and reliable supplier and exporter's of Onions, Grapes, Pomegranates, Mangoes, Maize, Banana, Wheat, Potato, Basmati Rice, Green and Red Chili, Soybean, Dehydrated Onions & etc.


Why Choose Us?

International Quality Standards

We have the best quality standards that meet its quality by the product in order to meet the purpose of the product or the service.

Timely Shipments

We ensure that each Product delivery to its designee is made within the time frames requested by Customers on accepted Purchase Orders.

Customize Packaging

We provides the safe and secure packaging solution to our product, so that it could be delivered to our customer safely & can be easy to assemble too.

Competitive Rates

We provides you the quality products within a reasonable rates.

Our Bussiness Process

Direct Purchase

We procure all products such as Onion, Maize, Grapes and Pomegranates directly from market organised by authorized and registred market committee through open auction processs. This is the first and basic level where these products coming from farm directly. So We have direct interaction with producers or farmers.As a results all products lands to our warehouses with fresh canditions and without or min human intervention.


These fresh products needs to store at well equiped warehouses at proper atmosphere to preserve its quality. We stored all products at our own warehouses located at 5 different locations to minimize transportation cost as well as lead time. We have maintained hygienic and cleanliness at our warehouses to protect products. So We can assure delivery of high quality products within committed time.

Grading And Packaging

This is the most important process where we are doing grading and packaging of prducts. As we procure these products from different farmers having different quality and varieties. We have well trained and professional staff members who are having years of experience of grading and packaging. We follow international standards along with clients requirements. We take atmost care by maintaining hygiene facilities at this stage.


Due to our strong distribution network accross India and abroad. So We can supply our products accross India and abroad as well. We have a license of Government Recognised Export House to be able to export Agricultural produce. We mainly export onion and maize to UAE, Saudi, Colombo, Malaysia, etc.We are known for our quality and faster delivery at all markets. The goods are dispatched in trucks, containers and vessels to different locations for our customers.